Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kejriwal sees Modiji's hand in banning of cough syrup. Says, will go on a coughing strike!

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After the Government of India came up with a list of 329 drugs to be banned in India, including cough syrups Corex by Pfizer and Phensedyl by Abbott, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has taken a very strong exception to the case.

Mr. Kejriwal, who is known to survive on his daily dose of anti-cough medicines, has been left
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fuming. He, along with some of his ministerial colleagues see this as a clear and vicious attempt my the NDA government at the center to muzzle his voice by denying him his daily dose of medication.

Speaking to yours truly, a livid Kejriwal said, "First they went after innocent kids (at JNU) and now they are trying to play the same dirty tricks to stop me from raising important issues like azaadi inside India from different ills that plague the country. This clearly shows the fascist tendencies of the government and makes it crystal clear that they will try out all the tricks in the book to silence the opposing voices."

On further prodding, he ranted said angrily, "Everybody knows ... ke main har waqt khaas ta rehta hoon. If such good quality medicines are banned and I do not have access to them, then how am I supposed to give krantikaari interviews in news channels or raise slogans against the tanashahi of the Modi government?"

After a brief pause induced due to a bout of coughing, he continued, "This kind of unilateral steps, without taking the opposition in to confidence, does not bode well for democracy and also shows the intolerance of the government to anything that it does not like."

When I asked him about his next course of action, Mr. Kejriwal categorically stated (only pausing briefly in between to cough out loud), "Hum dharne pe baithenge ji! We will not allow the government to push its agenda unopposed and I, along with my party members, will go on a "cough unto death" protest till the decisions are reversed."

He did not allow us to ask any further questions and got in to his car to head for the place of protest. We will keep you updated on the happenings as and when we get to know the next part of the story news.

Till then, stay tuned!