Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dot Com - From boom to bust, an eyewitness account

It was the year 1999 and apart from the impending Y2K problem, the overall picture looked rosy. Business confidence was high and so was the rate at which new businesses sprang up. In a way, it was the best of times for a fresher to enter the job market. But, as it turned out later, it was also the worst of times! No one knew about the impending bursting of the Dot Com bubble, and the recession, that would follow. After all, despite all technological advances, there are no ways to predict the future.
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As a fresher, just out of the university with a degree in business management, I had also wanted to join the vibrant, cool and a quick-short-cut to riches world of the Dot Com industry. After all, it was 1999-2000 and every other young entrepreneur had secured funding for his/her dot com venture. It seemed that the venture capitalists were roaming around with bags full of dollars and were willing to hand it over to anybody, who could come up with a half-decent idea about a new dot com and a catchy enough name for the domain. On hindsight, I must agree that it was only fair that the whole thing would implode, as the fundamentals for most of the ventures were weak or even worse, almost non-existent.
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So, what went wrong? Well, almost everything!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

11 free authoring tools for eLearning, based on Christopher Pappas' presentation

This write-up is based on the original post by Christopher Pappas, who is the Project Manager at ANTENNA Group, which is the largest Greek media group in the world. Pappas had originally posted this write-up at elearningindustry.com and also at LinkedIn.com, where he has given the permission to share his presentation on blogs. As the tools seem to be quite handy, so I decided to share the presentation, along with the tools highlighted in the presentation. Additionally, I have also gone through the entire comments section and added the tools, which fit the criteria.
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As the name suggests, this write-up provides a list of "free authoring tools" that one can use in the eLearning design and development process. Pappas has also requested anyone, who has used these authoring tools, to share with him, a demo of the final output at the URL given above. In case, there are free authoring tools that is not included in the list please feel free to leave a comment describing the salient features and a link to the site.